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Texas Overthrust Exploration Venture – #9019

December 26, 2008

Investment - Texas Overthrust Oil Project
An independent oil company believes that it has located a potential billion-barrel oil field in a region of Central Texas called the Texas Overthrust. New evidence now absolutely proves that this region has a granite plate over-thrusting sedimentary rocks that are known to contain hydrocarbons. This new information confirming the “overthrust theory” as an actual “overthrust zone” makes this venture more attractive then ever because some of the largest oil fields in the world have been found in similar overthrust regions.

A foreign oil company committed to completely fund this project and drilling will begin in 2009. This project is still being carried because there is an oil company participant who wants to diversify some of his holdings into another project. Large investments are no longer available; however, some private shares are available for as low as $10,000. Please contact us for details.


San Saba Oil Exploration Project

August 5, 2008

Edgar Cayce standing outside Munsell #1 well, San Saba County, Texas, in December 1922.

Edgar Cayce standing outside Munsell #1 well, San Saba County, Texas, in December 1922.

Over 80 years ago, Edgar Cayce (known as ‘The Sleeping Prophet’) identified the rolling hills and streams of San Saba County, Texas, as containing the “Mother Pool — a major oil field capable of producing vast quantities of oil. Mr. Cayce’s venture into Texas to find this oil is widely acknowledged to be his biggest failure. Cayce’s well was sabotaged on several occasions by his own associates. “The oil was there”, Cayce lamented in a letter to a friend. “I just wasn’t equal to handling the men who were associated with it”.

The Readings make it clear that it is essential that those involved in this venture must proceed with Oneness of Purpose. Many staunch Cayce followers acknowledge that Cayce’s San Saba Readings were his biggest mistake, yet they are still willing to believe him in other matters. Now a new company is looking again at San Saba, one that very much has that Oneness of purpose. David H. Mangum, Petroleum Engineer, geologist, declares that –

“Cayce’s San Saba Readings were not a big mistake, as reported by the press and television documentaries. The Cayce Readings describe the structure of the subsurface of the earth in San Saba County and, astonishingly, modern seismic data show that the subsurface is as Cayce described. For this reason alone, oil discovery or not, the San Saba Readings can be counted as another success, not a failure as widely believed”.

Since the 1920’s, extensive geophysical surveys have been conducted over the area and several shallow wells have been drilled, providing a more complete geological record of the sub-surface strata. Some oil has been found in these shallow wells but not in producing quantities. There is mounting evidence that oil-bearing sands may, in fact, exist beneath a false basement or granite over-thrust plate. This over-thrust is now known to exist and it is estimated to be 25 to 50 miles from side to side. Previous wells stopped drilling when they encountered granite. Both modern technical data and non-conventional methods indicate that a huge reservoir of oil lies beneath this granite over-thrust plate. Geologist Dennis McMurdie says “There’s enough evidence now that I can feel confident that there is definitely a thick sedimentary sequence below what has been considered basement in central Texas. And it’s my belief that someday, somebody is going to discover a billion-barrel oil field in those sediments”. Dr. Cesar Abeigne, Geophysicist, reports that, based on his studies, geological conditions are highly favorable to trap huge quantities of oil. Dr. Abeigne estimates that the potential oil reserves could be larger than the East Texas Oil Field (six billion barrels) with production rates as high as 5000 barrels of oil per day.

Mr. Mangum also notes that, using the cable drilling tools of Cayce’s era, it was not possible to drill very deep, much less through a thick layer of solid granite. Today, modern drilling methods can drill over 30,000 feet deep and cut through granite without difficulty. Perhaps technology was one reason why the Readings said that Cayce should obtain 99 year leases. For whatever reason, Cayce himself did not follow his own readings. In his defense, even today, it is considered wasteful to purchase long term leases, when a few years is usually sufficient.

San Saba Exploration, LLC, has purchased technical data from many sources and has acquired the key oil and gas leases. Additional geophysical studies are currently underway to determine the extent of the oil field. Results from a recent geophysical survey show a thick column of potential hydrocarbons deep beneath the site of Cayce’s well drilled in the 1920’s. This venture is not for the faint hearted. “Nervous” or “fearful” money will not be accepted — no one should consider participation in this venture unless they can afford to lose the entire amount. (See Cayce Readings 953, 3777, 4906, and 5628.) Anyone interested in further information can contact David at