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Cayce Oil Drilling Venture – #9028

February 14, 2009

Edgar Cayce Drilling for Oil in Texas in the 1920s
If you do not believe Edgar Cayce is credible then read no further. In the 1920s, Edgar Cayce gave several readings that said that a Mother Pool of Oil was located at a specific spot in Central Texas. As strange as this seems, this prospect is supported by a significant amount of modern technical data, including a deep water well that flowed oil to the mud pit while drilling. A very recent geological study from a highly respected geological engineering consulting firm determined that there is a high probability that much of this acreage (17,000 acres) will produce oil. A separate PhD geophysicist’s study concluded that the area contains a huge oil field.

There has never been any oil production in this county; however, the acreage has never been adequately tested. This is a wildcat drilling venture; however, based on the technical data, this project has a very high reward-to-risk ratio. Minimum participation $10,000 (only from private shareholder); maximum available $1,000,000. Contact the Energy Exchange and Project Coordinator, David Allisone will contact you with additional information.


Biofuels Electrical Power Generation #9023

February 11, 2009

Biodiesel Power Generation
This is the first company in the USA that is generating electrical power from biodiesel made from inexpensive feed stocks (i.e., chicken fat, pig fat, and waste soybean residue). The beauty of this strategy is that the electrical grid is obligated by law to purchase all the power that this company can generate. Unlike wind or biomass, biofuels power is easily installed in urban settings and the economics greatly exceed that of solar or hydrogen cell generation. This company has already achieved breakthroughs with the following events:

1. Developed the nation’s first grid-connected biodiesel powered electric generation plant.
2. Purchased a heat recovery steam generator which makes steam from the exhaust heat from the turbine providing a Combined Heat and Power Project which increases efficiencies and profitability of the power plant.
3. Developed a process to use cheaper fuels through trans-esterification of off-spec oils and gasification of waste products such as glycerol.

This company has recently been approved by the SEC to begin public trading. There is currently a Private Placement Offering for $7,000,000 (minimum participation is $25,000).

Please contact the Energy Exchange  if you would like more information about this investment opportunity.

Gulf Coast Well Workover Program – #9022

December 29, 2008

A group of highly qualified engineers, geologists, and electrical log analysts have united to form a new oil company to re-enter shut–in wells along the Gulf Coast and produce the oil and gas that was left behind by the large oil companies. Two of these engineers are former Schlumberger Engineers. The President of the company wrote the training manual for Schlumberger on how to find oil from old electric logs. The Company also has a logging tool that can find oil behind pipe that cannot be seen with standard logging tools. Funding in the range of $50 to $800 million will be required to purchase the remaining Proven Developed Producing reserves (PDP) in mature oil and gas fields, each of which will be structured as a separate LLC. The purchaser of these currently producing reserves will receive a good Rate of Return while the Company will use money from its $5 million Private Placement Offering to increase the production from these old wells. Smaller investors may participate directly in the Private Placement Offering for a minimum of $100,000.

Please contact us if you would like more information on this project.

Texas Overthrust Exploration Venture – #9019

December 26, 2008

Investment - Texas Overthrust Oil Project
An independent oil company believes that it has located a potential billion-barrel oil field in a region of Central Texas called the Texas Overthrust. New evidence now absolutely proves that this region has a granite plate over-thrusting sedimentary rocks that are known to contain hydrocarbons. This new information confirming the “overthrust theory” as an actual “overthrust zone” makes this venture more attractive then ever because some of the largest oil fields in the world have been found in similar overthrust regions.

A foreign oil company committed to completely fund this project and drilling will begin in 2009. This project is still being carried because there is an oil company participant who wants to diversify some of his holdings into another project. Large investments are no longer available; however, some private shares are available for as low as $10,000. Please contact us for details.

Purchase Proven / Producing Gas Reserves in the Ground — #9024

December 22, 2008


Invest in Natural Gas 'Purchase Proven'
The Energy Exchange is an association of independent petroleum engineering, geological, and financial consultants.  Dozens of projects are available directly from their clients at participation amounts ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000,000.  Here is one of their selected projects in various levels of risk: 

 The distribution to these natural gas purchasers so far this year has ranged from 22% to 37% annualized return cash-on-cash invested.  Investors may purchase a specified quantity of natural gas in the ground at a substantial discount price (i.e., you buy 50,000 MCF at $2 per MCF) and sell it at market price when it is produced.  The company is obligated to produce, deliver, and sell your gas to market to meet the required deliver schedule, regardless of the outcome of any specific gas well re-connection activities.  

This specific quantity of gas belong to you.  Your gas will be placed in an LLC that you completely control.  Any time after the first year, the Company will buy-back your unsold gas at your original purchase price.  This policy not only gives you liquidity, it also protects you against loss of your capital.   Payout is about 4 years at current gas price level.   Call 281-770-6639 to get participation criteria.

We will be outlining further selected projects in future posts, so watch this space, or contact ENEX for a full listing.