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Biofuels Electrical Power Generation #9023

February 11, 2009

Biodiesel Power Generation
This is the first company in the USA that is generating electrical power from biodiesel made from inexpensive feed stocks (i.e., chicken fat, pig fat, and waste soybean residue). The beauty of this strategy is that the electrical grid is obligated by law to purchase all the power that this company can generate. Unlike wind or biomass, biofuels power is easily installed in urban settings and the economics greatly exceed that of solar or hydrogen cell generation. This company has already achieved breakthroughs with the following events:

1. Developed the nation’s first grid-connected biodiesel powered electric generation plant.
2. Purchased a heat recovery steam generator which makes steam from the exhaust heat from the turbine providing a Combined Heat and Power Project which increases efficiencies and profitability of the power plant.
3. Developed a process to use cheaper fuels through trans-esterification of off-spec oils and gasification of waste products such as glycerol.

This company has recently been approved by the SEC to begin public trading. There is currently a Private Placement Offering for $7,000,000 (minimum participation is $25,000).

Please contact the Energy Exchange  if you would like more information about this investment opportunity.