Purchase Proven / Producing Gas Reserves in the Ground — #9024


Invest in Natural Gas 'Purchase Proven'
The Energy Exchange is an association of independent petroleum engineering, geological, and financial consultants.  Dozens of projects are available directly from their clients at participation amounts ranging from $10,000 to $10,000,000,000.  Here is one of their selected projects in various levels of risk: 

 The distribution to these natural gas purchasers so far this year has ranged from 22% to 37% annualized return cash-on-cash invested.  Investors may purchase a specified quantity of natural gas in the ground at a substantial discount price (i.e., you buy 50,000 MCF at $2 per MCF) and sell it at market price when it is produced.  The company is obligated to produce, deliver, and sell your gas to market to meet the required deliver schedule, regardless of the outcome of any specific gas well re-connection activities.  

This specific quantity of gas belong to you.  Your gas will be placed in an LLC that you completely control.  Any time after the first year, the Company will buy-back your unsold gas at your original purchase price.  This policy not only gives you liquidity, it also protects you against loss of your capital.   Payout is about 4 years at current gas price level.   Call 281-770-6639 to get participation criteria.

We will be outlining further selected projects in future posts, so watch this space, or contact ENEX for a full listing.


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